Strap in Folks, & Read a Few Tales of Liberal Doublethinking

Liberals Are Building a World of Madness.

You may need to borrow Glenn Beck’s duct tape, because some of these stories might make your head explode!

Liberals are constantly building walls of illogical doctrine to close themselves, and their victims (the people who live in the same country with them) off from reality. Brick by irrational brick, liberals are closing the world off from sanity, reason, and logic.

If you have  friends who are not politically aware, or who think the Multicult we live in is just peachy, show them these stories. Tell them it is just the a small sampling of the madness. If this doesn’t make them become aware, or change their opinion of the Multicult, get new friends.

Black Teachers Very Often Close Their Minds to Logic.

Dress inspired by the Confederate flag evil ……….

……….She should have worn this – they’d have made her prom queen.?


So called anti-bully radical homosexual activist, bullies Christian teens.

Doublethinking killed this woman.

Your Air Force says no more bibles for you.

Happy-go-lucky Vice President Joe “This is a big fargin’ deal” Biden is different from most folks.  Most people within 20 years of Vice President Joe Biden’s age think of John Wayne, or Gregory Peck  when thinking of a Hollywood version of an American military leader. Not Mr. Biden; he had a different image of Americas warriors. No Joe, No!


ACLU says it is illegal to treat illegals like they are doing anything illegal.

On Monday the Equal Employment Opportunity commission ruled that an employer may not discriminate against a transgendered employee. One immediate result of this will be that our wives and daughters will now be forced to use public personal facilities, such as bathrooms, alongside men who claim to be women. The women can , of course just say no, and be fired. Ain’t tolerance sweet!

Is Transphobia a fear of receiving shipped packages? I don’t think so.

University of Nebraska assistant coach Ron Brown is under attack for taking a very public stance against an Omaha, Nebraska anti-discrimination ordinance that would include gay and transgendered people.


The Governor of Montana thinks Obama is doing a great job with the economy. That alone is doublethinking, but isn’t being a Montana man contrary to being an Obama man.

Debtors prisons unconstitutional? Doublethink Again!

This is a tale of a man and his horse.

Evil Baby Holds Airport Hostage!

Black people not big tippers: It must be those evil crackers that come with the soup!

Get yo fro together, yeah! Well, no.  Simply act like everything is racist, and you’ll be just fine. Doublethink that!