When Hippies Get Bit

Times They Are A Changin’. Is Jay-Z the New Bob Dylan? The Music Legend’s Grandson Says Yes.

   The folk-rock singer and musician, Bob Dylan has millions of die-hard fans worldwide who love his work, and respect him as a man. There, also are some people who do not care for Mr. Dylan’s work, and many detractors find his voice, to put it kindly, unattractive. He sometimes pens odd lyrics, and his voice does have that ultra-nasal quality that only a mother could truly love. However, Bob Dylan is an icon of American culture whose presence cannot be overlooked. His writing talent is more often good than goofy, and many times it is excellent. Bob Dylan’s impact on American culture has not been overstated.

Which brings us to the point of this story – Bob Dylan the legend, and his grandson, Pablo the rapper.

What kind of young man would you think is the grandson of Bob Dylan? Mr. Dylan, who is idolized by millions of hippies and their progeny (quite a few non-hippies, also like him, and his music). You’re probably thinking that maybe the grandson is a credit to the Dylan line, maybe he’s not. Many people would think he could go either way, right? Well, in at least one area, that of judging musical talent, the young Mr. Dylan appears to have gone the wrong way! It seems that 15 year-old Pablo Dylan thinks Grandpappy Bob was “the Jay-Z of his time”.


From the New York Daily News Entertainment section: Pablo Dylan, a 15-year-old rapper, can call Bob Dylan a grandpa, and he’s  proud of it. ‘I mean, really, my grandfather, I consider him the Jay-Z of his  time, and he definitely has a legacy that a lot of people look up to,’ Pablo  Dylan told AllHipHop.com. ‘He feels strongly about my music and I love him to  death.’


Not all of Mr. Dylan’s work is appreciated.

While many people are avid Bob Dylan fans, and love much of what he produces; others only like some of his songs, and are, with several exceptions, not enamored with his vocal “style” (DoublethinkNot is in the latter group). There are also quite a few people who disagree with the opinions in some of his work. One song with which many people disagree, is the song, ‘Hurricane’, which erroneously portrays a convicted murderer, Ruben Carter as an innocent man. Mr. Dylan became a crusader, and his cause was Ruben Carter. Carter’s story was eventually made into a movie starring Denzel Washington, which saddened many of Mr. Washington’s fans. We at DoublethinkNot.com enjoy much of Denzel Washington’s work, and as we stated we are fans of Mr. Dylan’s writing talent. However, their involvement in the Ruben Carter saga, shows extreme lack of judgement by both men, and on Mr. Washington’s part, perhaps it indicates blind racial solidarity, as well.


Two hall of fame music legends are tangled up in irony, but are they also symbols of a Dying West?

Is the bit about Bob Dylan’s grandson more ironic than Rod Stewart’s daughter becoming pregnant, and, subsequently getting dumped by Puerto Rican born Benicio Monserrate Rafael del Toro Sánchez? Obviously, Mr. Stewart holds the crown, but little Pablo is sure helping Grandpappy Bob give old “Do ya think I’m sexy?” a run for his money, wouldn’t you agree? While, rock crooner Rod Stewart is not a hippie (missed it by just a few years), he is, undoubtedly their offspring, one of the many results of the cumulative work of the hippie generation. Don’t misunderstand the criticism, DoublethinkNot enjoys several of Rod Stewart’s songs, and thinks Mr. Stewart to be a very talented singer, but the singer’s non-manly persona always was unbecoming. Mr. Stewart’s situation is  symbolic of a dying Western Civilization, in more ways than one.



Back to the subject of Pablo Dylan likening his legendary grandfather’s place in history to that of Jay-Z. Shall we take a peek at their work, and compare the two?

Let’s review two videos from Mr. Dylan – two from Mr. Z.

First, we present Mr. Dylan.

Another by Dylan:


Now, (with a serious content warning) we bring you Mr. Z.


Here, we adamantly stress that the lyrics in this “song” are graphic and vulgar.


Having watched the videos, what is your opinion of Pablo Dylan’s comparison of his grandfather to the rapper, Jay-Z? Yes, that’s what we thought, as well.

Other than the obvious anti-establishmentarianism that is in some of by Bob Dylan’s writing, and is a common theme for the often ghetto-centric rapper Jay-Z, we see little to compare.

Now, if you don’t mind, the headache inducing madness of that last Jay-Z video has done its job, and this writer needs to take an aspirin and lie down! .


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